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Learn How to Delete or Remove Configured Email Account from Thunderbird?

November 30th, 2016 | Technology

Mozilla Thunderbird is a news, chat, and email client developed by Mozilla. It is an open-source and cross-platform email client and thus experienced around 500,000 downloads in merely 3 days of its release. When it comes to the storage database of Thunderbird, the client stored its data in MBOX files. The Mailbox aka MBOX format stores all the emails in a single MBOX file in a concatenated from. The messages are separated from each other by the header information of each mail message. However, there are some reasons that arises in front of users due to which they to delete or remove configured email from Thunderbird email client. In the following write up, we will discuss the need and way to delete configured email account.

Video Tutorial on Remove an e-mail account in Thunderbird

Need to Remove Configured Email Account

Security is the main concern of almost all the users in the present arena. From the point of security, there are various other email applications available in the online domain that offers advance data security than Thunderbird. Therefore, most of the Thunderbird users switch their email client and delete their email account from their previously used email application, i.e. Thunderbird. Sometimes, a situation arises in front of users when they switch their job from one organization to another due to which they need to remove their configured email account, which they utilize in their previous organization. The need to remove configured email account from Thunderbird will be easily cleared with one of the mentioned user’s query, which is taken from the forum site.

I have recently switched my email application. Before starting the utilization of new email client, I want to delete my configured email account from my previously used email client, i.e. Thunderbird. Is there any way to delete or remove configured Email Account from Thunderbird?

Technique to Delete or Remove Configured Email Account from Thunderbird


There are some steps given below that makes easy for users to remove the configured mail account as mentioned:
Step 1:
Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your system.
Step 2:
At the top right corner click on menu option >> Select Option >> Account Settings

thunderbird delete email account


Step 3:
Click on your account >> Account Action >> Remove account

modify an existing email account in thunderbird

Step 4:
Click Ok option to remove the configured account.

delete a mail account in thunderbird

Email application plays an important role in data management. However, there are some situation arises in front of users due to which they need to delete their configured account. After understanding this, we have resolved the main user’s query that how to delete or remove configured email account from Thunderbird. If still there is some, query then, feel free to comment below.

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