How to Enable Maildir Mode in Thunderbird?

admin | January 5th, 2021 | Blog

In general, Mozilla Thunderbird saves file in a MSF or MBOX format, but not in Maildir format. Hence, a solution is required to enable Maildir Mode in Thunderbird program. Therefore, there is a need to make some changes in default settings of Thunderbird by which it can create Maildir files of a configured account.

Stepwise Procedure to Activate Maildir in Thunderbird

Before enabling Maildir mode, examine the storage location where Thunderbird saves its file. One can do this with help of following instructions:

Step 1: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine and then go to icon of Menu

Step 2: Go to Options >> Account Settings to open settings wizard on your screen

Tip: You can skip step (1) and (2) just by clicking on your profile name and then hitting mouse button on View settings for this account

Step 3: Choose Server Settings option and then copy the location, which is mentioned in Local directory field

Step 4: Open Windows Explorer or My computer program on your system and then paste the copied location in an address bar of that window. Press Enter to continue

You will found that the currently configured account save files in MBOX/MSF format. Therefore, we are now going to discuss the procedure to enable Maildir mode in Mozilla Thunderbird with help of following steps:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC and then go to Menu icon
  • Click on Options >> Options to continue
  • Among the tabs appearing in current window, choose Advanced tab and then click on drop down button of Message Store Type for new account field
  • Choose File per message (maildir) option and then hit on OK button

Note: This method will only be applicable when you have configured a new account in Thunderbird, after activating Maildir mode. Therefore, it is mandatory to delete and reconfigure the existing Thunderbird account (if any) for enabling working of Maildir mode.

After successfully reconfiguring account, you can locate Maildir files of Thunderbird on the path where Thunderbird saves its file.


Thunderbird users can find out Maildir files easily just by performing few steps, which will change default settings of the email application. Moreover, these changes will not affect the performance of Thunderbird program therefore, one need not worry about any data loss or anything else while enabling Maildir in Thunderbird.