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Resolving Cyber Crime Cases

Description About Resolving Cybercrime Cases

Our team is very passionate in resolving various cases related to digital forensics. Nowadays, there are many cases of cybercrime, which are coming into existences. Cybercrime is a crime which caused either on a network or a computer. It is conducted via combination of the internet and any electronic devices. Some of cybercrimes are transaction fraud, identity theft, hacking etc. It can be initiated by an individual, small group, or any criminal organization. It is also known as computer crime because it committed on the internet with the help of computer. Therefore, our team had developed some tools to resolve cybercrime cases as soon as possible. In this post, we are going to discuss few computer crime cases, which were solved by our team.

Latest Cybercrime Cases Resolved By Our Team

Our team has solved many cybercrime cases but due to commitment of the high confidentiality, here I am going to discuss about only four major cases. These cases are described as below:

    • Help Nigerian Client To Solve Email Fraud Case For Reputed Bank

A Nigerian client discussed about their thoughts related to an email fraud case, which involve a Nigerian bank. This fraud is about 600 GB Exchange server database and it consist of more than one hundred thousand emails. Our team helped Nigerian client to solve this fraud case with the help of advance email investigation techniques. We are having digital forensics program i.e., MailXaminer, which is used to solve an email related problem. The email fraud conducted by email spamming against Nigerian reputed bank was resolved by our experts with the help of this utility.

    • Assisted Pune Based MNC Company to Investigate Emails With Chinese Dealer Over Mail

A Pune based MNC trade complained about the failure in receiving batch of goods. The order of goods was made by MNC company to a Chinese dealer via mail. The transaction of money was made on a fake account, shared by spoofed ID over mail. Therefore, the Pune based MNC did not receive delivery of goods. This case is also solved by our investigators, through MailXaminer. This case was troubleshooted by analyzing email header part and collecting IP address from it.

  • Provided Assistance in Performing Mobile Forensics

Our team investigated a murder case of a business man who was killed by mobile shop owner. Multiple mobile phones were taken in custody for extraction of information from those cell phones. However, our experts utilized Cellebrite UFED application for retrieving data from evidence devices. Recovery of SMSs, call log details, and WhatsApp messages was also a part of investigation. The murder mystery was solved by using the information, which was acquired from suspect mobiles phones.

    • Helped Pune Cyber Cell In Audio And Video Evidence Examination

The Pune Cyber Cell conducted a sting operation against one of the higher authority. This higher authority was accused of accepting some amount of money. All the evidences of this sting operation were in audio visuals. Our team did the investigation on all the digital evidence and confirmed that the audio was original.


Our forensics team has resolved many cases of cybercrime. In this post, we have discussed some of the important cases, which were solved by our experts. Most of the cases were solved with the help of MailXaminer digital forensics program. MailXaminer is highly effective and reliable tool to resolve various forensic cases.