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Witness of CBI Cyber Crime Wings

Being a witness of CBI Cyber Crime wings in various criminal case, we help investigators of cybercrime in their investigation. Our forensic team plays a very important role as a witness to CBI cybercrimes. There are many cases in which we come in front as a witness to cybercrimes. The most common queries such as mobile data extraction, email header analysis are solved by a group of forensic specialist. Therefore, in this, a complete role as a witness to a CBI cybercrime is discussed.

Two Main Fields to Deal in CBI Cybercrime Wing

Here, the main categories of CBI cybercrime and what is our role as a witness in them are discussed.

  • Assisted On Mobile Forensics

The most common type of forensic requested by CBI cybercrime wing is to perform data extraction on mobile phones that are taken into custody as an evidence. Therefore, in this, a murder case is discussed here and how we help as a witness to CBI cybercrime wing is also described.

Case Discussion:

There is a murder case in which a businessman was murdered by the owner of the mobile shop. To resolve such cases multiple mobile phones or smart phones were taken into custody for evidence investigation. Now, to help CBI in extracting data from the seized mobile phones Cellebrite UFED was made. It is the tool that allows investigators in extracting Whatsapp messages, call log details, and SMSs in resolving the case. This all details make CBI solves the murder mystery of a business man.

Data Need to be Gathered:

The data that is requested by CBI and extracted in Mobile forensic is discussed below:

  • SMS History
  • To‐Do List
  • Received Calls
  • Deleted SMS
  • Missed Calls
  • Contacts (stored in phone memory and on SIM card)
  • Call History
  • Calendar
  • Dialled Numbers
  • Scheduler
  • Call Dates & Durations
  • Databases (like WhatsApp, Facebook database)
  • Deleted Data
  • Multimedia Files
  • Emails

Tool to be Used:

The software that is specially designed to perform mobile forensic is Cellebrite UFED. It is the application that helps in gathering all type of data stored mobile such as deleted SMS, multimedia files, call logs etc. Moreover, UFED is the tool that extracts data from locked phones and permanently deleted from mobile phones such as chats.

  • Email Investigation
    The another major field where CBI cybercrime wing needs our help as a witness is in email investigation. Whenever there is a case in which CBI is unable to read email data, email hidden header or wants to perform email header analysis, our team plays important role in that. In order to have a better understanding about email forensic, a case is discussed below.

Case Discussion:
There was a case from Pune based MNC. They complained about the failure of receiving an order of items. The deal was made through mail with a Chinese dealer via trading. However, all the transaction was done on a fake account. All the details are sent through a spoofed ID through the mail. Hence, the buyer did not receive any delivery from Chinese dealer. However, the case was solved by header analysis and tracking the IP details using MailXaminer.

Tool to be used
The software that is programmed especially to extract and perform header analysis of emails is MailXaminer. It is the tool that helps in web based, cloud, desktop based and disk image email forensic to help CBI cybercrime wing in extracting important information.

There are various cases in which CBI needs external help such as in extracting deleted data from mobiles, analysisng the header of the email to resolve a particular case. To resolves such type of issues, we are having certified tools to make all these tasks very easy. Cellebrite UFED is the tool that helps in performing complete mobile forensic and another is MailXaminer for email forensic. Both the software perform a complete analysis of evidence comes under custody without any limitation.