Digital Forensic Expert

Professional Certified in Digital Forensic

Qualification: Post-Graduation from University of Pune in the year 2001
IT Experience: 21 Years of Core IT Experience

India is the second largest democracy of the world therefore; crime is taking place in day-to-day life. As compared to the crime, the legal as well as justice system is unable to give speedy justice. There are about numerous of people who are facing unusual delay in the justice. There are about 30 million cases that are pending in Indian courts, which mean that a common person is affected badly. I have taken an initiative and pledge to no more injustices that leads to no more crime.

I am having a team of qualified forensic experts that have helped in resolving various complex cases. Moreover, I have also given various experts views, trainings, webinars, on various Forensic cases in India as well as abroad. While performing the forensic I always follow the basic four steps to perform digital data forensic in systematic manner, i.e.

  • Identification
    Forensic Identification is the main application of forensic science and technology, which means to identify the precise object from the trace evidence that is left. It is the very basic and first step to perform the digital forensic.
  • Acquisition
    Once the identification is over, another step is to acquire the original digital evidence in a way that protects as well as preserves the integrity of an evidence. It should be ensured that an equipment is protected from static electricity as well magnetic fields.
  • Analysis
    After acquisition of an object, another step is to perform data analysis to identify an evidence that supports or disputes a hypothesis for signs to hide the data. While performing the analysis an investigator mainly retrieves an evidence material by using various methodologies and tools.
  • Reporting
    Once an investigation is completed, the whole information is reported in a suitable form for non-technical person. Reports include the entire audit as well as other meta-documentation. It makes easy to understand the whole case and the main parts that are covered in performing an investigation.

Our Areas of Digital Expertise

I am having multi-skilled investigation unit in both computer as well as mobile phone examination. It makes easy to find out the culprit as nowadays most of the criminal activities are done via a phone or PC.

  • Computer or Cyber Forensics
  • Forensic Imaging
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Email Forensics
  • Social Media Forensics
  • Audio/ Video File Forensics

If there is, any issue or help required to in the forensic investigation to carve out potential evidences in a very short duration of time feel free to contact me anytime. I am always there to help you with my qualified team.