Top 5 Tips to Help Free Up Storage Space on Your Gmail Account

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ March 2nd, 2022 ~ Blog

Ways to Free Up Storage Space in Your Gmail Mailbox

Nowadays Gmail is a widely popular email service. It has been effective in maintaining its highest position in the vertical of email management applications. Nevertheless, Google has moved the great lengths to mark complete safety of Gmail account data. Whereas, due to some disastrous turn of events had occurred because of which most of the users had to compromise with their database. Even the Google has increased its storage limit until 15GB but many times users face the storage issue as well. All this is mainly because of the inappropriate management of data. In the following section, we will be discussing the ways to free up storage space in your Gmail Google Mailbox.

Top 5 Ways to Free Up Space in Your Google Account Mailbox

  • Remove Old Mails :

Gmail offers an option of search feature, which makes easy for users to search the old mails accordingly. Moreover, if users enter the statement on the search box “older than: 2y” then, all emails, which are two years ago present there in Gmail account will appear. Now, just choose all after that click on option of trash. In addition, the users can simply search mails via label or name of the sender to find the old emails.

  • Delete Files:

Users can delete the files, which are irrelevant accordingly. A Gmail search box makes easy for them to find out the specific file to delete. Gmail gives the size limit of attachment is 25 MB by utilizing this way users can utilize the free space with this way. Users can find all the mails that have the attachment irrespective of type of file by simply opening the search drop-down dialog.

Another way for the files is to convert all of them into native Google drive formats that are not counted in the storage quote.

Note: After deleting the files, do remember to delete them from the Trash folder as well in a way to increase the space. Users can also search emails by size in Google Gmail by just entering “larger: 5m” on the search box. It makes easy as all the emails that has the size above 5 MB will comes up in series. Furthermore, if users are utilizing Gmail mailbox for management the high-resolution images and PDFs then, they come across more emails, which are completely matching.

  • Download Local Copies:

Many times, it is quite problematic for users to tolerate heavy weight of Gmail messages. For this, there is an option to download a copy of mails to local email application accordingly. This can be only done by just switching on POP and IMAP from the Gmail settings. It enables users to get all messages on their desktop email application.

Moreover, users can store and move all the mails as required. It is likely to switch POP and IMAP on or off and re-enable POP for all emails, which are downloaded. Head of the tab label that are present in the settings, which are labeled and included in IMAP procedure.

  • Backup Mails using Gmail Takeout:

Google Takeout is a capability by Data Liberation Front, an engineering team at Google that purposes in making it at ease for users for switching Gmail data in and out from Google. Some steps make easy for users to export Gmail or Google apps to Google Takeout by simply log in by entering the credentials. It downloads the selected data and save them into a ZIP folder at a local location. An MBOX file stores all the emails of Google Gmail with its attachments.

As we all know,  numerous email clients like Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc support MBOX format. A single .mbox file contains all the emails by default. Google Takeout marks easy for users by saving data either by three times or seven times in week.

  • Experts Recommended Solution :

In order to protect your data from being deleted because of various issues, users must create backups. Now the question arises how to backup Gmail data? For creating backups in a perfect manner and without any data loss, users must use professional utilities. Since, there are various third party solutions available in the market nowadays; it can get confusing to choose the appropriate solution.

One such software is Gmail Backup tool for Windows & Mac OS. The software creates a backup of Gmail data in multiple file formats. It offers advanced features for making the backup procedure smooth and error free. The users can apply email filters to download desired emails from Gmail. The application is completely safe as well as secure way to save Gmail account.


There are points arises at which management of data is essential. After understanding this, we have discussed ways to free up storage space in your Gmail mailbox. Since you have a Gmail account, be safe and secure with the Google account security tips