Google Account Security Tips to Safeguard Data From Any Cybercrime

admin | January 5th, 2021 | Blog

A Google account is a user account, which allow access to variety of services provided by Google such as YouTube, Blogger, and Groups of Google. When an account is created, the holder is free to enable or disable various Google services. One can keep their Google profile public for configuring their presentation on Google products to some other Google clients. Since this account is web-based and can also be shared among other users therefore, it is mandatory to have knowledge of all security tips while using a Google Account. These tips are going to contribute a lot in protection against hacking or any other cybercrime activity. In the following section, we are going to discuss all Google account security tips for accessing Google account in more secure way.

Guidelines to Tighten Up Google Account Security

Awareness of traffic safety rules is important for each and every person to have a safe journey. Similarly, to have a secure transaction or any other activities related to Gmail account, it is mandatory to have knowledge of Google Account Security tips, which should not be ignored by any kind of internet users.

  • Be Updated From Account Activities: When one is accessing Google account after a long time, they are recommended to check recovery information. This will require phone number and a valid email address for verification procedure. It is guaranteed that personal information will not be revealed in front of second person therefore, one can freely share their data. Account holder will be notified, if any accidental activity occurs in account.
  • Make Account Password More Stronger: In general, there are some criteria to be fulfilled while creating password of a Google Account. Apart from this, it is an advice to users that they should generate password of their account as much strong they can. In addition, one should change their password once in a month for enhancing security of the account.
  • Enable Two Step Verification in The Account: This measure will append an additional security layer in the Google account. It requires holder’s existing phone number on which one-time password will be send for authenticating the person who is accessing account. This phone number is same as of the one, which was mentioned while creation of account.
  • Regularly Take A Look On Last Account Activity: This rule will help users to continuously keep a watch on their Google account. The time when the account was previously logged in is recorded in this last activity.  Therefore, one can check this last activity row to be updated from last time when activities were performed in an account.


Different guidelines are provided as tips for enhancing Google Account security. This means that not only Google is responsible for securing accounts but, users activities are also dependent upon increase/decrease in the account security. One wrong activity committed by a user can affect the security of Google account and hence, results in different cybercrime activities. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of each and every person to learn all Google account security tips and also make others aware from the same.