Difference Between EV SSL & Standard SSL Certificates


What Is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, created by Netscape in the 1990s. It is a standard security protocol, which is used for establishing an encryption connection or link between a mail server and a mail client and this link ensures that the information passed between the web server and a browser remain private. In today’s time, SSL is used when a web browser wants to securely connect to web server over the internet.

What Is EV SSL

EV SSL stands for Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer. EV SSL is a highest class of SSL, which provide the strongest encryption level and enable the owner of the website to present its own verified identity to the website visitors. It offer the strongest guarantee that the website’s owner passed through the identity verification process within the EV guidelines (set of principle and policies recognize by the Browser Forum).

Tabular Difference Between SSL and EV SSL

It stands for Secure Socket Layer
It stands for Extended Validation SSL
This certification encrypts information transmitted online
Incorporating some of the highest standards in identity assurance.
Protect from being intercepted and stolen by third party
Establish the legitimacy of online entities

Sample Website: https://www.pdf-unlocker.com

Sample Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com

Does not help users to cross check the website’s identity
Verified legal identity is displayed to the user
Domain Validate(DV) SSL certificate are easy to obtain online
Certified authorities put applicant websites through rigorous evaluation procedures
With no identity check by a human being
Meticulous documentation checks to confirm their authenticity and ownership

Encourage Phishes and other Malicious entities

Building trust in online commercial transactions

How Do EV SSL Certificate Benefit Your Website?

  • Users can be confident about transacting information
  • Green Address Bar on the browser
  • Detailed information about the company operating the website
  • User can establish your true identity-online and offline


As above we have discussed about the SSL and EV SSL, both are use for security purpose over the internet. After the discussion we come to the point that EV SSL provide more secure connection than SSL and build trust in online transaction.