Learn What is the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

admin | January 5th, 2021 | Blog

Security is always a concern of almost all the users in the present arena with an increasing usage of Internet. There are numerous of Internet privacy as well as security that are never-ending. This will be easy to understand if one understand the exact difference between HTTP and HTTPS. In the following blog, we will understand properly about HTTP and HTTPS.

Glance on HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol that operates on application layer protocol. It is a protocol over which an information is sent from the web browser of user to the website, which they are visiting. The data, which is shared between website and browser that is set over a plain text, it clears that if there is an interruption between the two then, it is easy to see all the details of the website. This is quite dangerous when the one is entering the details of credit card or other credentials.

HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which operates on transport layer and SSL. It secures all the information as while sending SSL encrypts the information so that it is difficult for anyone to track the information. Due to this, in present arena most of the web browsers support HTTPS for more security like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. displays a padlock icon that makes easy to identify a secure HTTPS connection to a site.

The major difference between the both will be cleared in the following section.


It is a way of sending and receiving information across the Internet.It is a way of exchanging confidential information.
Transfer simple plain text information without encryptionTransfer encrypted information.
It operates on Application layerIt operates on Transport layer
Invented by Sir Timothy JohnInvented by Netscape Corporation
Uses Port 80Uses Port 443


As already discussed above that, security is the main concern for everyone. From the security point of view, most of the users are not aware about the two main terms HTTP and HTTPS. In the above discussion, we have discussed the difference between HTTP and HTTPS that makes easy for users in having the proper understanding.