How to Export Emails from Thunderbird?

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ March 18, 2022 ~ Blog

Video Tutorial on Export Emails from Thunderbird

Nowadays, Thunderbird is widely used for sending and receiving emails in business world. It is a desktop based email client developed by Mozilla. Sometimes user wants to migrate data from old Thunderbird account to new account at that time they need to export emails from Thunderbird. Users also need to download emails from Thunderbird when they want to save emails in different file formats.

Procedure to Export Emails from Thunderbird

Here, we are going to describe the process of backup emails from Thunderbird. It will allow you to save Thunderbird emails in MBOX format. Of course, you can choose other available formats if required.

This process includes the following mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download Import Export tool(free Add-ons) from its official websites

Step 2: Launch Thunderbird on your machine. Click on Display the Thunderbird Menu button and then click on Add-ons

Step 3: Click on Tools for all Add-ons button and then click on Install Add-On From File

Step 4: Find the downloaded Add-on file and then select it. Click on Open button

Step 5: After that click on Install Now

Step 6: Click on Restart now button. After that, select those messages which you want to export from Thunderbird and then right-click on it. Click on Save selected messages and then choose as Mbox file (new) file format from various available file formats.

Step 7: After that choose your desired location to save and export emails from Thunderbird and then click on save button

This method allows you to export emails into multiple file formats. But, it lacks the most popular email formats like PST, NSF, etc. To get your files in such formats and keep the attachments intact, opt for Thunderbird converter software.


The process of exporting emails from Thunderbird by using Add-ons is very easy and less time-consuming. Anyone can export emails from Thunderbird by using Import Export tool of free Add-ons because it includes very simple steps.