How to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ March 2nd, 2022 ~ Blog

Facebook Safety Tips: Be Active On Social Networking Site In Safe Manner

Nowadays, Facebook is among the most popular social platforms. Its popularity is increasing day by day among all the age groups. There are many positive sides to using Facebook. After all, it puts all the physical boundaries away and connects one with their distant relatives and friends. This provides its client a platform to share innovative thoughts and views all around the world. However, as every coin has its two sides similarly, Facebook also has some negative points. A user can avoid these negative impacts with help of certain Facebook safety tips.

Various Tips to Use Facebook Safely

  • Try to Avoid Sharing Personal Information: This is the major security tip for Facebook users that they should avoid sharing their personal information on social networking sites. The personal information involves mobile numbers, residential address, live activities, etc.
  • Do not Add Unknown People To Your Account: Some people have a tendency to add unknown entities to their accounts. So, it is a security tip to such a persona that they should not add persons whom they are not knowing. It is a strict recommendation to append only known people to the friend list.
  • Set Account Privacy Settings to the Maximum: Facebook itself provides some safety measures to access accounts in a secured manner. Among all Facebook Safety Tips, one tip is that users should use privacy settings and make their accounts secure. Make your account as secure as you can in order to avoid hacking risks.
  • Always Keep Pictures In Private/Friends Option: Users should show the pictures, videos, or information on Facebook to friends in the friend’s list. Apart from this, one can also make this thing private on Facebook for keeping things confidential.
  • Think Before Posting Anything On the Wall: One should not post irrelevant things on Facebook walls like sharing phone numbers, posting each and every second activity of each day, etc. It is a recommendation that thinks twice as before posting anything because you are not the only person who is using Facebook.
  • Account Password Should not be Shared: The password of Facebook should be created very strongly with a combination of different characters styles. Moreover, one should timely change the password of their account (once a month) to avoid security risks, which are caused due to password hacking.

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Usage of Facebook is not bad but the access of it may harm the life of a person. Users should be aware of all Facebook safety tips to experience a safe and secure way of working with social networking sites. Moreover, there is one more piece of advice to end-users. They should always properly log out their account after work completion.